Not much is happening on the work front. We continue to forge ahead on the large integration project. We took some time in mid December to transition our code base to Git and TFS 2017. We had just released a large branch that contained about six months of work, so the end of the year was the optimal time to do that. We had some hiccups in getting build definitions working again, Octopus Deploy pointing to all the right places, etc. but by and large it was a success. Now, the work continues to integrate and process funding both up and down to our new vendor. We continue to refine our development pattern, and it’s so refreshing to step away from the text book and evaluate what we really need and not create fourteen layers until we absolutely have to. When you have a small team, all of the layers are just unnecessary complexity that make code less readable.

Day in, Day Out

Karla and I have been in Kansas City for just over two months. In that time, we’re still asking the question, “We’re here! Now what?”. It’s a difficult mindset to be in: you’ve heard from the Lord, but he hasn’t fulfilled the future that he has planned for you. What do you do when the Father has spoken about career change, move to a different city, starting a family, or beginning a new ministry? If you’re like me, you want to jump in and immediately begin. Not often does the Lord work this way. More often than not, He is speaking those words into your life from a several years in the future. It’s as if he’s standing on the timeline of history calling you into something deeper even though you stand in today. He’s very much aware that you are not qualified, adequate, or trained…yet. But he aims to get you there. The very fact that you haven’t gotten there means that you’ll survive everything in between. Simple. No need to fret and worry about today; he’s already taken care of it, and tomorrow, and the day after. He’s for you. He has your best interest in mind and has not abandoned you.

As the Father has been teaching me these things, I’ve certainly shaken my fist at the sky. I haven’t been happy about the being in the “waiting room”. I think it’s fair to say that all of us are perfectly content with the waiting room if it’s a routine surgery or a small filling at the dentist. Not all of us are content with the waiting room when we don’t know how things will turn out. Regardless of how qualified the doctor is, regardless of all the reassurance he gives us, regardless of how many friends and family members we have at our side, somehow it _still_ doesn’t feel completely comforting. They aren’t going through the non-routine surgery. They aren’t waiting and wondering if they’ll come out alive. They never will be able to fully understand until they are in your position. So you wait. Then wait. Some. More. Somewhere along the way, you hit the point of no return, and you’re shaking hands with the anesthesiologist, and trust yourself to the one that has the power to get you through this non-routine procedure. Moments later, you’re awake and everything is fine. Smiles and hugs abound as you come to and realize that everything is going to be ok. There’s still healing and recovery time ahead, but you are at least able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I like to think that this is how the Father looks at our struggles. He always has been and always will be making things right in the end. It’s of no concern to him whether it’s “routine” procedure or whether it’s painful. He’s more concerned with the growth and progress that you are coming into your true identity as his son or daughter. He’s standing one month or ten years or somewhere in between calling your name and drawing you closer to who you really are. In the process you get closer to his heart for you when he knit you together in the womb. This idea is fascinating. It’s worth dwelling on and recalling the words that he has spoken over your life and the dreams you’ve had since a child. He’s good, and he’s pulling you through. It’s the very reason that Jesus came: to restore all things, to recreate you as you were meant to be before sin came and jacked things up. Good thing there’s a remedy for your mistakes along the way. It’s by him and to him and through him that all things will be restored.