Scale Or Optimize

I migrated my whole online ecosystem to AWS over the weekend. It was a fun project. I shared this with a co-worker at lunch today which naturally launched into a conversation about our own environment in the healthcare industry. Because of HIPPA compliance and such, it’s probably not a worthwhile endeavor (for now at least). Our conversation led to scale in general. Does every app really need to scale to the level that AWS allows? Probably not. We own our servers, and, as far as I know, we have maybe three boxes…not even enough to fill a rack. Maybe there’s more, but we support tons of stuff on those three boxes. AWS is way overkill for my measly WordPress site, but it was fun to build and get some experience in nonetheless.

So, should we plan for scaling? Or should we optimize our existing code base to be as performant as possible while minimizing our additional overhead in load-balancers and other such fun magic? We chose to simplify. Less code to maintain means we get to do more fun projects in the future because we have far less cognitive load in keeping up an increasingly complex code base that has more room for bugs. Fewer lines and less complicated architecture keeps smells from creeping in because there’s no place for it to hide.