Why I Deleted My LinkedIn Account

I pulled the trigger on deleting my LinkedIn account just last week. Some people might think this is crazy in time when social networking is pretty much a given in the world. I don’t use Facebook for much of anything these days. I might use it for authentication to a site or service if I’m feeling lazy. Twitter gets the same treatment. I have a very slim online profile for privacy concerns above all else, but secondarily, I just don’t want the cognitive load. I like to own my information, own my writing, own my eyeballs…

Let me preface this next paragraph. Recruiters are great, and I’m thankful that I have my current job through one.

That said, with the number of recruiter calls that I got last year and even continuing on into this year despite my being very happy with my job and not actively searching, I started to wonder why they might think I’m interested in a new job. Like most of you, I routinely brush up my resume on LinkedIn to keep it current and document various projects I work on. I wonder if LinkedIn has some sort of mechanism that puts that info into recruiter’s hands even though I chose the “don’t publicize this update option”. As I said, recruiters are awesome. I’m just not in a season that I want to entertain anything but once in a lifetime opportunities.

If you’re looking for me out on the internet, this is my home. I can’t share much of what I do as it’s HIPPA protected, but I’ll try to share some snippets and thoughts from time to time here.