Fluent Forever

One of the reasons why many of us don’t try to learn a new language is because we don’t have the time to commit to months of lessons. We might also think it would be too challenging and complicated.

This infographic aims to dispel that myth and show you how you can learn any language in record time.

If you familiarize yourself with the basics and understand how your brain stores memories. This will unlock the potential to learn a new language at a rate that you might not have thought was possible.

It is definitely worth seeing what you can achieve in a matter of only a few weeks.

I’ve fallen out of practice a bit with my study of Chinese and Spanish, but I picked up skills so much faster than with any other program. Definitely check it out over on Fluent Forever.

The Jesus Story Book Bible

Even if you don’t have children, you should read or listen to the Jesus Story Book Bible every once in awhile. Our son is not even two years old, and we’re already trying to plant some of those seeds of the Gospel in his heart. The way that this version of the Bible depicts the stories we’ve all heard is so poignant. The words cut to the heart in an instant and draw to remembrance the sacrifice that Jesus made because of the heart of his father. Especially during this time of year, I want to remember why Jesus came with the simple and thoughtful story of Christmas.

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Implementation intentions: The secret to achieving your goals

This applies to more than just fitness. Deciding how to behave before the situation arises requires practice, but it’s a brilliant way to stay on track that I’d never really considered.

You already took the decision of how to behave before you even faced the situation where you actually have to decide. Sometimes it’s worth outsmarting yourself.


I’ve been a “free athlete” for about three months now, and I’m very happy with the results. As some of you may know, I used to be a pretty avid cyclist. When I was riding regularly, I would clock about 200 miles per week either on my own or with groups. I was in the best shape of my life. I got married and priorities shifted. While I miss riding, I don’t miss the number of hours that 200 miles required to ride. It was great for clearing my mind and creating a space for moving meditation, but I’d created a part-time job for myself.

I forgot how I discovered Freeletics, but I’ve really enjoyed getting back into some form of shape with far less of a time requirement. I started out with the BodyWeight app, then added the Running app later into my training. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, but I feel stronger and more fit than I even did with cycling. Freeletics is a subscription service, so you’re paying for ongoing updates to the service and the AI that the Coach is built on. You can do the workouts for free without the Coach, but you probably won’t get as much out of it as you could with the Coach. It’s also way cheaper than a gym membership and a personal trainer at less than $7/month.

There’s a phrase in the community that “Coach knows best”, and I can confirm that this is accurate. I’ve always felt challenged by the workouts prescribed and more often than not intimidated. I’ll be honest: it’s hard. If you’ve never trained in this way before, you’re going to hate the first few weeks. You will experience pain, discouragement, and sometimes fear of the workout to come. Everyone says it, and I’ll join in: keep going. There’s a sort of mental wall that you must get over in order to prove to yourself that you’re capable. You’ll know when you’ve crossed it. I was in week four or five before I started to really enjoy the workouts. 50 burpees is no longer intimidating once you’ve done Helios. Every workout since leaping the mental wall has been awesome and well worth some of the initial hurdles.

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